New items in the List of World Heritage by UNESCO

15 new cultural sites added to UNESCO's World Heritage sites. This was decided today at the conclusion session of Brazil are World Heritage Committee.

The new sites are:

- River channels in Amsterdam (Netherlands), built in the late XVI and in XVII century,
- Emperor Tang Long Complex in Hanoi (Vietnam)
- Historical monuments in Danfan (China)
- Architectural reserve Sarazm in Tajikistan
- Bishop's residence in Albi (France)
- Remarkable urban market Tebriz (Iran)
- Turaif and tracks in Saudi Arabia
- Camps' penal servitude in Australia
- Astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar in Jaipur (India)
- Ensemble Hanega sufitskoto and sanctuary - the mausoleum of Sheikh Safi ad Din in Ardabil (Iran)
- Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands)
- Historic villages - castles of local clans in Korea
- Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania,
- Mountain ranges, overgrown with forests in Sri Lanka
- U.S. Papahanaumokuakea archipelago near the Hawaiian Islands.

It was a formal decision to list the ancient and vodnoenergiyna system in Germany's Harz Mountains and the surrounding mining village of Røros in Norway.

After expanding its list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage list now includes 904 sites.

UNESCO recommended "enhanced surveillance" of the famous ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru, which suffered from heavy rain.

But he will not be included in the list of endangered cultural sites. Was taken into account that in Machu Picchu damage due to recent heavy rain and nothing to do with the authorities' efforts to protect the site.

In February floods triggered landslides and cut off the railway line leading to the foot of Machu Picchu. The ancient citadel is the height of 2430 meters and is considered one of the leading architectural works of the XV century by the Incas. It is part of the fund of UNESCO, 1983

During its meetings the Committee considered not only include new sites in World Heritage list, but updated list of endangered ones. The "risk" list includes 33 cultural and natural sites for which there is imminent danger of damage or destruction, or who have suffered significant damage.

On Friday, the committee decided to include National Park Evargleyds "(Everglades) in Florida and tropical forests of Madagascar among the sites below opasnost.Drugi new sites are threatened Cathedral Bagrati and monastery" Gela "in Georgia - because of unregulated restoration activities and Royal Tombs of Buganda in Uganda affected by the devastating fire last year. The "Evargleyds" is the largest population of alligators in the U.S. and many other reptiles, salamanders, turtles, panthers, birds and others. Now the park's water resources have decreased, and the pollution level has increased significantly, endangering aquatic life does obitateli.Gorite Madagascar are threatened by excessive logging and illegal collection of lemurs. They are home to many rare species.


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