22 May - International Biodiversity Day

May 22 was declared by the United Nations (UN) International Day of Biological Diversity in order to raise awareness about the problems and threats to biodiversity and to provide support for its preservation. The day is marked by 1993, when it enters into force the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Biodiversity or biological diversity is a scientific term that unite all living forms on Earth. It may also have a local character, such as. to unite all plant and animal species in an ecosystem. There are 3 types of biodiversity:
•Genetic diversity - diversity of genes in different species. It includes so-called. population genetics. May also qualify for populatsiiite of different types.
•Species diversity - diversity of flora and fauna species in particular ecosystems or the Earth as a whole.
•Variety of ecosystems - combining the different ecosystems on the planet.

Among the sites of world cultural heritage of Bulgaria has entered two biosphere reserves - Srebarna Nature Reserve and Pirin National Park

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