People"s Community Centres (Chitalishta) Act

The People’s Community Centres (“Chitalishta") Act provides for the establishment, organization, management, activities, property, funding, maintenance and termination of these traditional self-governed Bulgarian culture and education associations, which also perform public culture and education missions. Any physical person, regardless of age, sex, political and religious affiliation and ethnic identity is entitled to participate in their work.

This Act was promulgated in the State Gazette, SG Issue 89 of 22/10/1996, amended SG Issue 95 21/10/1997, SG Issue 90 of 15/10/1999, SG Issue 28 of 1/04/2005, effective from 1/04/2005 SG Issue 94 of 25/11/2005, effective from 25/11/2002, SG Issue 108 of 29/12/2006, effective from 1/01/2007 amended and SG Issue 42 of 5/06/2009

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