Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

And tonight at midnight announced the resurrection of our Savior. Easter is the biggest celebration of Orthodox Christians and is noted for three days. According to tradition, after service in the temple all return home with a candle and greet each other with "Christ is Risen!" - "Truly Risen!". Each house has painted eggs and bread. A particular joy is a ritual for children who break their eggs and want to nidyat what will be the most healthy. The one whose egg remains hard won and broken.

On Easter tables of every home must be rich. The poor must also provide good food and clothes that day. Newlyweds go to visit parents and witnesses, and bring bread, cakes and painted eggs. And during the three festive days people play make up games and holiday trips. Mothers displayed for the first time their newborn babies - see them the world.

Always at home in front of the icon is placed first dyed red egg.

On Passover lamb is slaughtered and roasted whole. Messi and bread is a symbol of purity. In Christianity, Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, he is innocent and without sin and cleanses the sins of the world. Even on the cross did not dare to break his knees, as did all, keep it intact.

Easter fete day are Grand, Great, Velichka, Great Britain, Velin, Velho, Velcho, Vicho, Velina, Veljko.


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