Annunciation e celebration for all Christians regardless of church tradition to which they belong (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism) and one of the biggest mysteries in Christianity. According to the Bible on this day of Archangel Gabriel brought Mary the good news that she has chosen to bear the Savior of mankind, God's son Jesus Christ. For him, says the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1, v. 26-38. The holiday was approved by the Orthodox Church in VII century.

In Bulgaria, the holiday is associated more frequently with the arrival of spring and so on that day must eat "something green" (nettle, spinach, dock, etc.). It is also a tradition on this day at the table to have fish, usually prepared ribnik - fish with rice. Mandatory bake bread, which is coated with copper, be distributed to neighbors and blizki.Spored folk beliefs that "good day" more easily and quickly heal all wounds, so most often then punch the ears of little girls. During each day lose its venom. Farmers premitat houses and their yards and light fires to jump over in order not to suffer from snake bites in the summer. For the same reason women do not touch the pins, hooks or thread. Annunciation of the Gregorian calendar is celebrated on March 25. The holiday always falls during Lent and it allowed fish. Celebrate the holiday with all the name Good, Good, Blagovest Blagoy, Blagoyna and others.


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