Fire dancing /Nestinarstvo/ article for was published in French magazine Nouvelle Ecole

In st. 59-60 / 2010-2011 French magazine "Nouvelle cole" published an extensive interview with Professor Valeria Fol. The theme, chosen by the interviewer in January Michel Thibault is dedicated to the Bulgarian contribution to world cultural heritage - Fire dancing /Nestinarstvo.

The interview is given much space as the very custom and dance over the coals and the relationship with the long past and ancient customs and superstitions connected with the ancient Greeks and Romans, and indigenous peoples living in the Bulgarian lands.

Attention focuses on a number of artifacts with which today's science and handle by which to seek an analogy to be preserved to this day the custom in the Bulgarian village of Bulgari. Sought a relationship between cultures and civilizations, and between tradition is broadcast in the years and centuries.

The full text of the interview with Prof. Valeria Fol, you can see attached to download the new file.

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