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Day of Slavic culture and literacy in UNESCO

On 31 May at UNESCO, Paris, held a celebration on the Day of Slavic Culture and Literature. For the second consecutive year, the celebration was organized by the Permanent Missions of the Slavic countries at UNESCO, in cooperation with the Forum of Slavic culture.

This year's celebration was dedicated to cultural and historical heritage of the Slavic peoples, showing their cultures and traditions, united by the proximity of the Slavic language.

The exhibition was opened by UNESCO Director-General Ms Bokova, which welcomes the assembled guests and said that this event will reveal the unique culture and writing of the Slavic peoples and will contribute to a better understanding of their history and traditions.

The exhibition included photographs of objects from these countries included in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, paintings, costumes and more. Bulgaria participated with archival photographs, often reflecting on the Day of Slavic Culture and Literature from 1925 to today. Courtesy of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris were presented icons of St. Cyril and St. Methodius.

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